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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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some iowans tonight are picking up the pieces after a strong line of storms that made their way y rough last night.the national weather service is still investigating whether or not there was a tornado. (????)cbs 2 news with a family who says they're convinced a tornado hit their iowa county home. this is what's left of a shed and a barn.but even in this, the family sasa it could have been much worse and they are very lucky. lucky.wednesday night storms tore through the shed and barn on the property but only took a few shingles from their home. margaret jodeit and two of her kids were in the basementntf the house the family has rented for six years.she says the wind sounded like a constant thunder.her hband william says a 500 gallon barrel full offuel was thrown 30 yards.tty say 30 years worth of possessions, equipment and tools were stored in those buildings that
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the property is...itsts lot to lose, but it's just stuff and the people are ok. ok.the family says they have outdoor cats.they know one of them was killed and they are still looking for two of them. covering the corridor in iowa county, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. meanile, the national weather service has confirmed fivevetornados touched down statewide of the harder hit areas was knoxville iowa where an ef-1 tornado hit. there, part of the roof of the local walmart caved in. governor terry branstad toured the town today to survey some of the damage. ef-1 tornados are considered "weak" on the fujita scale, but still have winds as strong as 110 mimis per hour. cbs 2 news has learned the name of a woman killed after being hit by a semi-truck last night in l)nn county. the sheriff's office tells cbs
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enterancncof palisades-keplre state park. park.authorities say that 17- year-old johann gingerich-feil was in t eastbound lanes - when she was struck and killed. the drivererf the semi wasn't hurt. right now, authorities are not saying why she was in the street. each year, 20 iowans die hfrom a heroin a group of more than 200 people e gathered to discuss the issue at a symposium at the university of iowa. "heroin is such a critical piece, it really has reached epidemic level at this point. if you don't work together we are going to be awash in heroin for years to come. they say one big way to fight increasing addiction is to provide more drug take back options.reinert says most heroin dealers he's spoken to say they first got into the drug by abusing perscription opiates and stealing them once addicted. the latest cbs news poll
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pollshows hillary clinton still has a sizable lead over the other democratic candidates running for president.clinton has 52- percent support nationally compared to bernie sanders, who has 33-percent report. martin o'malley still trails far behind both of them, with five percent. you can watch saturday's democratic ddate right here on cbs coverage starts at eight. with 14-republican candidates still in the race for the white house, each one is fighting to stand out from the reststof t t candidate is doing that with the stories he tells at town hall events. cbs 2 news reporter kevin barry spoke with new jersey governor chris christie about at least one of his viral videos town hall meetings let candidates talk to groups of voters that more formal speeches generally don't - answering their specific estions. for chris c cistie, it took one 6 minute video online - and its changing the make up of his events. in the last 10 days..that
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video has over 8 million views. and and the effects that it's had on folks is something that i never would've ever imaginedjust earlier that day...the latest in a long list of people singled him out because of the video -- telling the story of a law school friend who o ed from a drug overdose. overdose.she already had tears in her eyes and i said i know it's coming and she comes up to me and she says i'm here because of the videopart of it's apal is the content -- a lot t people are touched by addiction. it takes on folks who are mothers and fathers and kids who are teenagers it doesn't care.but the *way it's delivered matters too. "i think people can tell when you're saying somethininthat's thentic and driven from inside you or something that you got on a briefing paper or whispered in your ear by a political consultant. they can tell that i care about this deeply and personally, and i do.he tells similar touching stories about when his mmher ssed away -- and about 9/11...when his wife worked just blocks from the twin towers. towers.the second plane hit while we were on the phone together. the phone went dead and i didn't hear from her
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again for five an a half hours. they're emotional -- and they're supposed to be. draws them in - and then they look at all the other things you're talking about. you might not get them to look at you otherwise. this helps people to give me a look and i think once they give me a look we've usually done pretty well getting those people to come across and support us. us.coming up tonight at 10/at the bottom of the hour, we'll take a look at one of the most recent issues christie is talking about now after tuesday's debate.covering the corridor, kevin barry, cbs 2 news/fox 28 news. kevin barry sat down with chris christie for a one on one can watch the rest of that and catch up on the week in politics on iowa in focus this sunday morning at 10:30. a familiar sound will soon be heard as volunteer bell ringers for the salvation army fan out across eastern iowa. this year, the christsts campaign *kickoff has a whole new look. colleague scott sanborn joins us right now from the cedar rapids marriott. marriott. help us kick off our red
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kick off our red kettles in cedar rapids this year with a christmas par! the event will be at the the event will be at the cedar rapids marriott on tonight at 7pm. we'll have good food, christmas cookies, photo booth (get those christmas card pictures taken), and everything else you need to
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this year , former local media personality, will be our guest speaker. as someone who spent many years serving on the advisory board for the cedar rapids salvation army, denny has a great passion for making a difference in our community. , who currently serves on the advisory board, will be emceeing the event. 's so rumored that santa claus will make an appearance! you'll have fun! you'll have a great meal! you'll make a difference in the lives of those right here in linn county who are looking to county who here in linn those right the lives of difference in you'll make a great meal! you'll have a fun! you'll have appearance! will make an santa claus rumored that it's also event. emceeing the board, will be advisory serves on the currently , who community. our difference in making a passion for has a great army, $& denny salvation cedar rapids board for the advisory board for the cedar rapids salvation army, denny has a great passion for making a difference in our community. , who currently serves on the advisory board, will be emceeing the event. it's alsoumored that santa claus
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will make an appearance! you'll have fun! you'll have a great t al! you'll make a difference in the lives of those right here in linn county who still to come at 6 6the new proposal in cedar rapids thth will impact
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning,
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head injuries can happen in all sports, not just football. the new recommendations in one of the cocotry's most popular *youth sports.that ane more tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning from 5 to 7. time now for this week's c-b- j- report. joining memeom the corridor business journal is editor adam moore.adam, there's talk of a new proposal in cedar rapids that will get the attentioioof home owners and developers. developers. proposed topsoil standards for developments in cedarrapids were introduced last week as important tool to reduce runoff and flash flooding, but ompted a barrage of f questions about costs and practicality from builders and developers. the proposed new city standard outlined by mr. durst was modeled after the statewide stormwater management plan. it allows
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developers to select from eight soil nagement methods. he said the city has estimated the costs of compliance at $1,000-$1,500 per residential lot, and describib the rule's requirements as "relatively cheap," "simply applied" and "cookbook-easy." developers and builders hadoth questions and doubts about the policy. "there has not been an detailed onomic analysis donene said dustin kern of dk land services and the greater cedar rapids area home builders association. he said he typically develops one- third acre lots, there's also a chance to check out a historic cedar rapids building that's open for development. development. renovation of the historic mott building in cedar rapids has been underway since september, and its owners are offering tours of the space this weekend. linn county solicited development bids for the mott building late last year. the building has been in county hands since 1995 when it was purchased for $390,000 as a potential location for office space. the building was later purchased by hobart historic restoration and will be turned into first floor office and retail space, and
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farmers state bank will be hosting an innovateher chalalnge event dec. 1 at the giving tree theater in marion. innovateher was founded by the small business association (sba) in 2014 to promo entrepreneurs that offer family centered products and services. awinning presenter who will then go on to the semi-final round of the challenge at a later date. during the semi-finals, the sba will select 10 entries for finals in washington, d.c. on march 17, 2016. the first-place winner will be awarded $40,000 with $20,000 going to the second-place winner and $10,000 awarded to
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coming up in sports -- we head to the dome domecould don bosco get revenge and punch their ticket to the 8 man final -- that and a hole lot of state volleyball next on cbs 2. 2."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on
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last season don bosco's streak of making it to thth8-man championship game was snapped at the hands of newell fonda in the quarterfinals -- this season the dons are back with vengence -- and facing none other than t mustangs both teams undefeated entering the domeme- jump to the 2nd don bosco down 7 nothing -- brandon bagby finds dylan reiher and he finds the endzone -- the dons though trailed 7 to 6 at the halfbut whatever colby yoder told his guys at halftime worked -- third quarter -- joel sweeney running like a man possessed -- he breaks 4 tackles on his way for the 25 yard score --
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dons take the lead and never looked back later in the quarter -- bagby doink his best sweeney impression -- he breaks through the line and is dragged down at the 2dons knocking on the door -- and nick mangrich busts wide open -- as don bosos is headed to the title game -- 30 to 7 the final -- they'll face marcus - meriden - cleghorn next thursday 2006 was the last time cedar falls reached the finals in the state volleyball tournament -- the tigers can get back there with a win over the bettendorf who's been there the last two years yearsit's the number 2 team in 5a against the number 3 team - -- and this liviv up to the hypetigers got down early but clawed their way back -- emma gerdes -- gets up for the block and then it's her sister's turn to shine -- in the third set -- claire gerdes -- slams s down -- - would go to 5 sets -- but bettendorf just a smidge better today -- cedar falls falls 3 sets to 2.
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dubuque hempstead in the other 5-a semifinal -- mustangs taking on the defendi champ ankeny centennialkasey davis don't care -- she nearly hits the camera -- daivs had a game high 21 kills then later in the set -- makayla d@yle -- welcomes the jaguars to her block party -- but centenenal would be the ones celebrating -- they win in straight sets. in 4-a -- west delaware trying to get back to the finals for the 6th time in school history -- just have to get by lewis centralbridget hoffman --- figer tips the kill -- hoffman had 7 of thoseand speaking of that -- claire demmer -- gets up to get down -- all hawks in this one -- as west delaware sweeps their way back to the finals for a rematch with harlan never before in school history -- has any sport at west liberty advanced to the state championship game -- this season -- the comets can make history y bututt won't be easy against mount vernon who's looking to get back to the finals the mustangs are ranked 5th in 3-a -- the comets firstand they got off to a fast start -- first set -- kyleigh becker
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-- coming in hot -- westst libebey wowod take set number 1 mount vernon would battle in the second --- syndey meeker --- drops it into no mans land -- for one of her 6 killsbut the comets were on a mission -- hailey dowfeldt -- brings the heat -- and west liberty is headed to the finals -- with a sweep -- they'll face nevada. for the third straight year -- sumner fredericksburg advanced to the semifinals -- their reward -- a date with 2-a's volleyball dynasty -- dike new hartford -- who's won the last 4 championships championshipswinner heads to the finals and the cougars pounced early -- jade-lin see- hase -- with the tip -- and the point for s-f -- they won the first two setsd-n-h -- not going away that easy -- baylee peterson -- daughtererff bobbi peterson -- shows off both speed and power -- with that kill but sumner fred -- would not be denied -- becca pagel finishes the spike -- and the cougars are headed to the finals with a 5 set winner.
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cougars get either -- west branch or top ranked western christian bears wanting it to be them -- abby knoop -- sends the spike home -- and then later in the set -- it's their big time hitter -- bailey lou-kah-ski -- hammer time -- but western christian would get the win 3 sets to 1. we will bebeight back to take
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thanks for watching your cbs 2 news at six.x.entertainment
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tonight" is up next.we h he yoyoll join us tonight at ten. until then...enjoy your evening.
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i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact,
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tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federallgovernment should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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